This pass week saw some cooler temperatures and with that cooler water temperature. I fished up in Missouri and caught some stripers but the major amount of fish being caught by us is by the Calamity Boat ram. There are big schools of stripers moving up and down from above Pt 10 down to Pt 9.They. have been in water depths from 28′ to 35′ and the bite is very aggressive. I took a party out Saturday morning and we started fishing in Missouri using my standard setup of 2 floats set at 24 and 28′, 2 free lines with a split shot, and downrods set from 20 to 28′. We caught 2 stripers on the floats and 1 on a downline. The bite slowed so we moved south towards Calamity and again set out the same rod configuration. Twice in a little over and hour we had bites on multiple rods, floats, longlines and downlines at once. Both times we had 6 fish on the lines and both times we only boated 3. We caught 11 that morning and they kept their limit. The water temperature up north is 4 degrees cooler than the main lake. I was using 5” and smaller gizzard shad for bait.
Stripers are now being caught on the 1C flat in the mornings and Robinson Point and Crystal Cove in the later afternoons using gizzard shad.
Crappie fishing picked up after the weather change. Keep fishing the creeks, find a brush pile with their tops at 15′ or deeper and you will crappies. Minnows, jigs, and small spoons are catching limits of crappie. The best three creeks right now are Big Creek, Bennett’s Bayou, and Pigeon Creek.
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